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So, what are you going to do while you’re here? You’ll see the sights, drink some beers, have some fun. But you’ll probably want to check out the sights of Panama City as well.

Here’s a few of the things we can arrange for you in the city and in Panama:


Mamallena Boquete

Have you thought about Sailing to Cartagena? . It’s a once in a life time trip. You’ll spend 2-3 days in San Blas and then about 2 days sailing to Cartagena. The 4-5 day trip will cost around $500, depending on the boat.

We can also organise a 3, or more, day trip Sailing Around the San Blas Islands on a private yacht. These leave on demand and require a two person, 3 day minimum. It’s a great way to experience the islands and the prices won’t be beaten any where in the world.

How about spending a few days in the beautiful San Blas Islands. If you need to hit the beach then this is the place to do it. Just the opposite of Bocas, you’ll be here only for the beaches. No pubs, no clubs, just beaches, Kunas and palm trees. Our homestays start at $25 a night, including 3 meals a day and daily transport to the local islands. You’ll spend the mornings and nights experiencing the kuna culture and the days relaxing on white sand beaches under the shade of palm trees. Prices rise depending on the type of accomodation. You can either fly down($70 one way) or we can arrange for a 4×4($30 one way) to take you down over the mountains. Don’t expect comfort, but it can be an adventure!!!

We’ve just started our own travel agency and this is our first offering. The Cayos Holandeses are some of the most pristine islands in all of San Blas. Theres no organised accommodation out there so it’s practically untouched by the commercial tourism that is hitting the rest of San Blas. In the Holandeses you’re practially assured of seeing sharks and manta rays, the best snorkeling in San Blas, amazing beaches and maybe even swimming with dolphins. The cost of the tour starts at $280 per person and includes transport from Panama City. Please vist our Panama tour agency, Panama Travel Unlimited for more details.

If you want to hit the water we can arrange Whitewater Rafting Trips both from the city and in Boquete. A day trip costs $125 from the city and $90 from Boquette. We can also arrange kayaking and motorboat trips around the Gulf of Chiriqui and guided hiking trips around Boquete.

We’re also in the process of arranging a tour to the absolutely amazing, and rarely visited, caves of Lago Bayano. We just did an exploratory trip down there and everybody was really impressed. Don’t come if you can’t stand the dark, close spaces, swimming or bats. Expect to see some amazing light patterns from holes within the cave roof, waterfalls and A LOT of bats. Imagine floating in an underground pool watching bats fly over head with the light refecting off their wings. Afterwards we’d head to a local Embera indian village where you’d get to spend some time hanging out with the locals. There’s a great river for swimming and the kids you’ll love, some of the friendliest I’ve met. If you’re lucky they’ll put on a traditional dance. The rason for coming here is to interact with the people and see how they really live, not for a tourist show. This will all be hopefully coming up soon, depending on interest. Email and find out whats going on.


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