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San Blas Islands – Sailing Charters are not permitted in the San Blas Islands – The Kuna Congress have banned them and will fine and ban anyone involved in doing them.The only people allowed to run charters are Kuna’s themselves. The Kuna representatives have asked us to make this clear to all our clients to avoid us being banned from sending our clients to these beautiful islands.

The San Blas islands are a a group of some 365 islands stretching along the Carribbean coastline. The islands make up what can onloy be described as a stunningly beautiful  tropical island paradiseEvery island has white sand beaches fringed with palm trees weighed down with the annual coconut crop.  For high end accommodation and camping tours please visit

Foreigners are not allowed to do business in the San Blas in an attempt by the Kuna Congress to Preserve the Kuna way of life and traditions, and for proceeds of tourism to stay and benefit local communities. Please adhere to the Kunas rules.

This is information is what the Kuna representatives have asked us to express to our clients. Some Charter companies have asked us to remove this as the Kunas have told them something different. So please be aware this is only what they have told us and we cannot verify the same rules apply to everyone.

All we ask is that if you do a charter with a foreign captain you do not involve us in any way, especially with help booking the 4×4 transportation.

Many Thanks

Mamallena Team