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  • I sailed on Wildcard in late September. We had to meet the boat in Portobello which meant a bus to Colon and transfer to local chicken bus the day we sailed. We finally made it there around midday and met the crew and other people who would be on the boat. We ended up with 17 on board (not ideal as it was kind of cramped). Although each sleeping space had a fan, this was barely adequate as it was so hot at night. Many ended up sleeping on deck. The food was generally good, however I am gluten intolerant and it appears the boat were not told so the food I was given was a little basic. I generally was given a piece of fruit for breakfast which was not ideal. The group on the boat seemed like nice people, however mostly younger crowd who just wanted to drink. On the final day you depart the boat at around 8-9am (after paying). Be prepared not to get your passport back until later that evening when you meet the crew and John returns it. On the whole an enjoyable experience. The San Blas Islands are amazing and were definitely the highlight!

  • Matthew Sanchez

    I sailed on the wildcard in early September from Panama to Colombia. An amazing experience! Although I’ve never sailed before so I don’ have any point of reference, I can say that I was satisfied with what I paid for on the wildcard. The boat was a bit cramped, but cramped with good people. The food was good considering we were at sea on a small boat. One of the passenger’s birthday happened to fall on one of the days we were at sea and john the captain improvised a birthday cake in a pinch and surprised her. Very nice. John seemed like he really cared about the passengers. DId everthing possible to make sure everybody on board was content. Then there was the San Blas islands. Amazing! Overall a very good trip. I’ll leave it at that.