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  • Traveler

    I took this boat the 18th of december 2012 with another 12 travelers. The Best of this trip is the islands but the captain was a really an idiot, maybe he could be a good sailor ( not sure because His crew ” Leoni” and “Guille” did everything, but he doesn now nothing about how to be with his clients..he just start smoking pot since we left Panama until we arrived to Colombia. but i gonna make a list about how discourteous was with us.

    First of all,

    He doesnt speak english at all!, and he not even try to do it.

    if you have a business like these you supose to know how to manage, he start telling some rules the first day, but the next day start telling us another rules… like.. dont seat here dont eat on the deck, a girl was dizzy for like two days.. and she coudnt eat inside the boat so we had to hide the food and try to give it her when the captain wasnt looking, it was easy because he was occupied rolling a joint.

    The toilet doesnt work easy and it wasnt explanied how to used to everybody.. so the next day he came to the deck and star talking in spanish.. telling us somebody left her or his shit.. after that he just said if i see more shit all of you will see shit, in witch business! the manager, captain owner or whatever.. use that way to talk with his clients… he was thinking he was doing a favor to us! we paid 550 dollars each!..

    He never say ey guys! are you ok? you need something?, he just was worried about his boat and his joints.. if you want to have a museum please dont use it for turism!..

    He also complain because we were drinking to much water of the boat!… ey men is carribean sea! its warm!..

    the food is another thing, the only good meal was a chiken barbecue on the beach.. other day we tryed lobster but it was a minuscule piece, the crew eat much more that day because i saw when they took their plates outside.

    its almost everyday pasta with salsa, or rice.. one day was just soap with rice!.. the milk was run out the third day.. the coffe too!.. just bread almost now vegies or fruit, the crew when was selling me the thing… said ill have some drinks too.. not true. no snacks neither.

    he everytime was saying like.. dont do these using the thing that we are not in our house.. come on is a business! be more professional in the way you say the things.. we had and amazing behavior there..

    also he had problems with the engine.. so Leoni fixed while The captain Marc was huging his girlfriend and smoking pot! unveliable

    Finally we arrived to Cartagena really late.. one of the girl start saying to the captain.. about why he smoked so much pot.. and not even care about us… he said: Ive been smoking pot because is the only way to can be in about with you people… professional???????.

    Guille took nice photos of us we look very happy.. the only thing we were happy is because we made an awesome group on the boat!!!, we are still travelling together here.. if they use that photos to promote this boat dont believe it!!!

    Please dont take that boat!, you will find better options with captain with human skills and cortesy…

    • mamallena

      Sorry to hear the Captain was an ass!. This is the kind of feedback we want so people can make informed decisions as to what baot to choose and it will maybe make the captain improve his services. Glad you had such a great group of people to make the trip better in that respect. Wishing you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  • stephane


    Reviewed December 25, 2012

    Since there were so many things I (and the rest of the passengers) hated
    about the Gitana III I am posting in list form in hopes that you reading the
    whole post. DO NOT GET ON THE GITANA!!

    1. Captain was high, the entire time. I never saw him without a joint in his mouth

    2.Not enough beds. They expected people to sleep in the common room on
    the couch. This is a place were people sat for meals in their wet
    bathing suits. The people in the common room also did not get proper
    sheets, so ended up sleeping on wet couches

    3. No fresh water showers. Which he lied about. We were was told we were to have one. We were expected to ‘wash’ in the ocean

    The food sucked. I asked about 3 times before we left what the food was
    like, if there were gonna be fresh veggies, fruits, etc. I was told,
    “Sure, we are from the Mediterranean, the food will be great!” Needless
    to say we ate pasta, canned sauce, rice, cheap white bread, and drank
    tang for 5 days. Another night we had clear soup and rice. Yup, clear
    soup and rice. Also, there was never enough. We rationed, and doled out
    portions like we were in the Depression

    5. We were told we’d get
    in on the 19th, only to get on the boat to discover we were getting in
    on the 20th. Which was a problem b/c we had no cell service and no way
    of contacting the hostel we had booked. So long story short, we had to
    pay for the day at the hostel we missed

    6. We were supposed to
    dock at 8am on the 20th, but didn’t dock that next day at 1am b/c the
    captain didn’t know where he was going. We also ran out of gas and had
    to stop and wait for his friend to bring some. This means we were on
    open water for about 52 hours. The open water part was supposed to last
    30 hours at the most. Even with all the Dramamine, I was nauseous for 3
    days straight.

    COMPLETELY IN MY ROOM. So, that meant that at night, at like 3am, when
    the waves were high and came on deck, I got the nice surprise of random
    salt water showers in my face. The the captain tried to blame it on the
    rough sea, and not his jimmy rigged boat. His response was to change my
    sheets, and not fix the window. Needless to say my showers continued all
    night. At the end of the trip he finally admitted that that he needed
    to seal the windows. Isn’t that something you need to do before you go
    on open water?

    8. And you got all this for $550. This is one of
    the most expensive prices out there for a San Blas boat from Panama City
    to Caragena.