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  • JCPaz

    I had the pleasure to travel on the Corto II with Sebastian. The trip was one of the highlights of my trip throughout central and south america. Sebastian is a laid back captain from Argentina that runs a nice sailboat and is concerned about two things. Safety and having a good time. The food was incredible and the activities in the boat and the islands awesome. Recommended 100%

    • Nick Zoa

      Hola JCPaz, I read your feedback on the Corto II. I recently sailed with Sebastian from Panama to Columbia and was appalled by his attitude and skippering. His boat is nice, but I wouldn’t say that he cares about safety. It makes me wonder if you and I had the same skipper!

  • Nick Zoa

    Good boat. Bad skipper. Sebastian yelled and threw plates at his passengers, insulted everyone, almost knocked one fellow overboard by an uncontrolled jibe, and cut our visit to San Blas short so that he could get to Cartagena for personal reasons. Don’t book with this skipper unless you like dishonesty, immaturity, and unnecessary risks.

  • I did the San Blas – Cartagena with Sebastian and the Corto II and i would not recommend this skipper. He was angry and unfriendly through most of the trip and kinda ruined the beautiful San Blas experience for us. Only good thing i can say is that the food was pretty good for a sailtrip. Do not sail with this boat! There are better and cheaper alternatives!

  • Mike MacKinzie

    Find another boat.

    I was really looking forward to this sailing trip, and it ended up being pretty disappointing. Not only was it reduced from 5 days to less than 3, but the captain had a pretty bad attitude the entire time. He had a surprisingly violent outburst right off the bat, was generally dismissive, and occasionally insulting. It doesn’t seem like Sebastian enjoys having passengers on his boat, and we’re just a part of the job that he has to put up with. Considering the amount of money you’re spending, and the fact that you’re going to be in close proximity for days at a time, do yourself a favor and find a captain with better customer service skills.

  • disqus_ayma0adxyz

    Having heard from friends how much fun sailing through the San Blas Islands can be, I was really looking forward to a great trip. Unfortunately, I had the bad luck to have Sebasitan Felipoff for a skipper. To make a long story short, it would have been a great trip if it hadn’t been for the skipper.